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LCX200 Rohde & Schwarz

Capacitance Meters and Analysers

Rohde & Schwarz LCX100, RLC Bridge DC, 4 Hz to 300 kHz (1 to 10 MHz in option), USB/LAN interfaces as standard & IEEE-488 (GP-IB option).


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Specifications : LCX200 Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz LCX100, RLC Bridge DC, 4 Hz to 500 kHz (1 MHz to 10 MHz in option) :

  • Basic accuracy: 0.05%,
  • Measurement functions Cp, Cs, Lp, Ls, D, Q, G, Rp, Rs, Rdc, R, X, Z, Y, Od, Or, B, M, N,
  • Test frequencies: DC, 4 Hz to 300 KHz
  • Three measurement speeds are available, Fast: 15 ms, Intermediate: 100 ms, Slow: 500 ms,
  • Parallel and serial mode,
  • Component sorting function and digital I/O ports (with the LCX-K107 option),
  • Advanced analysis functions (with the LCX-K106 option),
  • Current and bias voltage programmable as standard up to 10 Volts,
  • Extended bias functions (with LCX-K108 option) extends the range of applications up to 40 Volts,
  • Measurement of transformer parameters with the cable (optional LCX-Z5),
  • Optional Kelvin test lead and 4-terminal SMD test adapter,
  • USB/LAN interfaces as standard & IEEE-488 (GPIB) as an option (NG-B105).

Available options LCX200 Rohde & Schwarz

CAL Standard Calibration 375 
K106 Advanced analysis functions 980 
K107 Digital I/O ports and binning function 410 
K108 40 V Extended bias functions 980 
LCX-Z1 Test Fixture for Axial / Radial Lead Type Devices 535 
LCX-Z3 Test Fixture for SMD Components 1 235 
LCX-Z4 Test Tweezers for SMD Components 775 
LCX-Z5 Transformer Test Cables 805 
LCX-Z11 BNC Extension Cable 1 m 565 

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Rohde & Schwarz LCX RLC bridges are versatile, extremely precise and perform measurements very quickly.

They are ideal for demanding applications in research, development and production. Two instrument models and various options cover applications with test signal frequency up to 10 MHz.

Internal and external bias functions, comprehensive analysis options and versatile test fixtures extend the wide range of possible applications.

The large capacitive touch screen is the central element for a modern and intuitive use of the instruments, it allows a graphic display of the measurement results.

The LCX200 RLC bridge covers a frequency range extending from DC, 4 Hz to 500 kHz (1 to 10 MHz in option).