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Leasametric remains more than ever by your side for rentals, sales at discount prices, calibrations - repairs, fleet buybacks ...

With its fleet of several thousand T&M devices

Rental, Purchases, Financial Facilities ...

Save over 60% on the price, warranty...

Leasametric offers 8 high-performance R&S FSP30 and FSP40 SPECTRUM ANALYSER from 14.995 €ht* !

Why spend more?

Leasametric sells 185 Tektronix TDS3000 / B / C oscilloscopes from € 995 excl. Tax *
+ One year warranty
+ SD reader offered (on 3000 and 3000B models)


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Our services

  • Rent

    All devices TEST & MEASUREMENT Product Catalog.

  • Buy

    New equipment, reconditioned devices, reNEWed® quality, manufacturers' standards

  • Fix and calibrate

    After-sales service and maintenance at the METROLOGY LABORATORY or on site Repair of all brands Calibration, Calibration, Verification reports, Upgrading, Replacement devices.

  • Sell

    Leasametric buys your Test and Measurement devices or your fleet of devices

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