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Who are we?

Leasametric is one of the few French service companies, to be a pioneer in the rental of test and measurement, and partner of innovative sectors:
General instrumentation, research and development, RF and Hyper Equipment, Telecom, Environment, Health, Aerospace, Defence…
It now has the advantage of responding to all requests in testing and measurement equipment: purchase, rental, repair or calibration via its ISO-certified laboratory.


Leasametric offers all its devices for short-term rental (from 1 week to 6 months) or long-term (from 7 months to 36 months) with the Flexo® program.


Buy your new or refurbished appliances (reNEWed®) from our laboratory specialists.
Save a lot of money without taking any risk on quality and warranty.


IsO 9001-certified multi-brand experience.
Specialization in non-support products.


of fleet per unit or in batches of your unused devices, allowing you to recover cash.

Leasametric therefore offers the best guarantee of seriousness and competence with its long experience and its ISO9001 certification, unlike the many companies which proclaim themselves “pro du broke” without any experience in the field.

And as the capital of Leasametric is family owned (no pension funds, no bankers or privileged agreements with manufacturers) you are guaranteed total transparency in advice and decision-making.

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