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DL850 Yokogawa

Oscilloscopes < 1 Ghz

The Yokogawa DL850 ScopeCorder Series is a modular, waveform recording instruments that can measure voltage, current, strain, acceleration, and other phenomena simultaneously • 100 MS/s, resolution 16-bit, Isolated 1kV • Multi-channel, up to 128 voltage or 128 logic bits • Continuous hard disk recording at 100 kS/s simultaneously on 16 channels • CAN bus monitoring (DL850V only) • 15 plug-in modules. See Datasheet for more informations.

RENTAL 363  /week*
New price Warranty 24 month 13 900 
ReNEWed® price Warranty 12 month 8 450 
Clearance price Warranty 1 month 5 950 

Specifications : DL850 Yokogawa

  • Modular oscilloscope + recorder (15 different drawers),
  • Sampling speed 100 Ms/s, (100 Ks/s with 16 simultaneous channels),
  • 12-Bit resolution,
  • Isolated inputs up to 1 KV,
  • Possibility to have up to 128 channels,
  • LCD screen (10.4 inches),
  • Internal hard disk,
  • Thermal printer,
  • Three USB ports, one Ethernet port, one e-SATA port, one video port, one GP-IB port and one SD card slot.

The rental price is given as an indication for a basic DL850 with 2 drawers 720210. Other custom configurations NC.

Available options DL850 Yokogawa

701250 High-Speed 10 MS/s 12-Bit Isolation Module Plug-In 490 
M2 Memory expansion to 2Gpts 1 290 
HD1 Internal HDD 160Gb 1 290 
C20 Irig and GP-IB interface 1 250 
G3 Real time math Function 1 250 
P4 Four probe power outputs 1 250 
701251 High-Speed 1Ms/s 16-Bit Isolation Module 1 250 
701933 Current Probe DC-50MHz, 30A 1 250 
CAL Standard Calibration 1 350 
701270 Tiroir 2 voies isolées 20 KHz 100 Ks/s 16-Bits, 10 V NDIS 1 250 
701271 Tiroir 2 voies isolées 40 KHz 100 Ks/s 16-Bits, 42 V DSUB 1 250 
701275 Tiroir 2 voies isolées 40 KHz 100 Ks/s 16-Bits, 42 V Accéléromètres 1 350 
701280 Tiroir fréquencemètre 25 Ks/s, 16-Bits, résolution 50 ns, 2 voies isolées, 42/420V 1 250 
720230 Tiroir logique 10 Ms/s, 8-Bits/2-ports, isolé, 10 V 1 290 
720240 Tiroir bus CAN, 100 Ks/s, isolé, 10 V 1 490 
M2 Extension de mémoire 2 Gpts 7 450 
HD1 Disque dur interne 160 Gb 1 495 
C20 Interface Irig et GP-IB 1 890 
G3 Fonction mathématique temps réel 2 450 
P4 4 sondes de puissance de sortie 690 

Download the technical documentation DL850 Yokogawa

You need to be connected to consult and download the documentation

About the Yokogawa ScopeCorder Series : 

Since the launch of the DL750 in 2002, Yokogawa has developed modular oscilloscopes with long recording lengths. It is a hybrid solution that brings all the advantages of a high-speed oscilloscope and a recorder to make data acquisition.

Yokogawa ScopeCorders are known and recognized worldwide for their performance, flexibility and reliability to such an extent that the word ScopeCorder has become part of everyday language. The Yokogawa DL850 ScopeCorder has proven to be the ideal tool for measuring physical and electrical parameters in the automotive, mechatronics, transportation, power electronics and alternative energy industries. A dedicated version for automotive manufacturers – the DL850V Vehicle Edition – includes a module for monitoring the CAN serial bus in the vehicle.

The DL850 accepts up to 128 channels, offers high acquisition speed, real-time recording capabilities, an intuitive user interface and a full range of communication interfaces. With acquisition speeds of up to 100 mega samples per second (MS/s), it offers ten times the sampling rate, display frequency, and memory management speed of its predecessors. The isolated isoPRO 1 kV input module features 100 MS/s acquisition speed and 12-bit resolution.
The DL850 ScopeCorder accepts up to 128 channels of various types, handling virtually any type of electrical or physical signal. Users can combine eight different modules from a range of 15 modules, compatible with the most common sensors such as thermocouples, accelerometers, strain gauges, tachometers and more.

The DL850 integrates a large LCD screen (10.4 inches), an internal hard disk and a thermal printer. Three USB ports, an Ethernet port, an e-SATA port, a video port, a GPIB port and an SD card slot.

To learn more about the DL850, please download the brochure in PDF format.

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