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OneAdvisor-800, “all-in-one” relay antenna installation and maintenance test solution.

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Specifications : ONA-800A VIAVI

OneAdvisor-800, “all-in-one” relay antenna installation and maintenance test solution :

  • ONA-800A pack with E8136C and E81FMC1 OTDR module,
  • Long range 1310/1550/1625nm single-mode OTDR with 47.5/47/47.5 dB dynamic range,
  • Replaces several independent tools (especially, OTDR, CAA, fiber inspection microscope, RF spectrum analyzer, base station analyzer, etc.),
  • Covers all types of radio links (LTE and 5G) and all topologies (macro cells, small cells, C-RAN and/or DAS),
  • Automatic test procedures with Job Manager and StrataSync,
  • Cable and antenna analyzer 12.5 MHz to 6 GHz,
  • Frequency accuracy ±2.5 ppm at 25°C,
  • RF analysis power from -30 to 0 dBm,
  • Distance to fault (DTF), 1-port cable and phase loss, 2-port transmission, Smith chart,
  • Spectrum analyzer with real-time persistence for 5G FR1 (9 KHz to 6 GHz).

Available options ONA-800A VIAVI

CAL Standard Calibration 995 

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The VIAVI OneAdvisor ONA-800A is a powerful field tool for radio technicians to test fiber optic, radio (RF) or CPRI/Ethernet links, replacing several independent tools (OTDR, CAA, fiber inspection microscope, analyzer of RF spectrum, etc.) and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership.
OneAdvisor-800 enables simple, fast and accurate testing, from installation to maintenance.