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MSO58/350MHz Tektronix

Oscilloscopes < 1 Ghz

MSO58 8-lane digital oscilloscope, 350MHz, 64 optional digital channels, 62.5M memory points on all lanes (125Mpoints optional) (…) Rental, Purchase, Repair, Calibration

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Specifications : MSO58/350MHz Tektronix

Tektronix MSO58/350MHz
8-way digital oscilloscope,

  • 8-way digital oscilloscope, 350MHz, 64 optional digital channels
  • 62.5 M memory points on all lanes (125 M points optional)
  • Optional arbitrary function generator
  • Multimeter
  • Large high-definition (15.6-inch) LED screen
  • LAN and USB interface

Available options MSO58/350MHz Tektronix

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