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AFG3251 Tektronix arbitrary function generator

General Instrumentation

The arbitrary function generator AFG3251 Tektronix is available for rental, purchase or refurbished by Leasametric.

RENTAL 158  /week*
New price Warranty 36 month 7 710 
ReNEWed® price Warranty 12 month 4 950 

Specifications : AFG3251 Tektronix arbitrary function generator

Synthetised Arbitrary/Function Generator 1 channel, 1mHz to 240MHz, 2GS/s, 14-Bit resolution, AM/FM/PM/FSK/PWM modulations, USB, GP-IB, LAN, large color screen.

Available options AFG3251 Tektronix arbitrary function generator

CAL Standard Calibration 245 

Download the technical documentation AFG3251 Tektronix arbitrary function generator

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AFG3251 Tektronix generates arbitrary function and waveforms in the blink of an eye:

The AFG3251 Tektronix generator is available for rental, purchase or refurbished reNEWed® by Leasametric at a lower cost than distributors with the same warranties.

Key features of the AFG3251 Tektronix :

The AFG3251 is one of the most popular function, arbitrary waveform and pulse generators in the industry. The AFG3252 is powerful, versatile, and intuitive, reducing instrument learning time.

12 different standard waveforms are available for users. Arbitrary waveforms can be generated up to 128 K in length at high sampling rates. For pulse waveforms, the time of the leading and trailing edge can be set independently.

You can add external signals to the output signal. Models with two channels can generate two similar or different signals.

All instruments have a stable time base with a drift of only ± 1ppm per year.

Highlights Tektronix AFG3251 Generator:

  • Sine waveforms from 25 MHz to 240 MHz,
  • Arbitrary 14-bit waveforms from 250 MS/s to 2 GS/s,
  • 5.6 inch color screen,
  • Multilingual and intuitive operation,
  • Pulse waveform with variable edge times; AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM,
  • Scanning,
  • Double channel model,
  • Front panel USB connector for waveform storage on USB, GP-IB and LAN memory devices.

Leasametric has a repair service and an ISO 9001 certified metrology laboratory for the calibration of your Tektronix AFG3251 generator and other measuring instruments.

To learn more about the Tektronix AFG3251 generator you can download the manual in the “technical information” tab.

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