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FPC1500 Rohde & Schwarz

Network Analysers < 6Ghz

Rohde & Schwarz FPC1500 Spectrum Analyzer + Vector Network (VNA) 5 KHz to 3 GHz.

RENTAL 238  /week*
Brand New Price Warranty 36 month 2 760 

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Specifications : FPC1500 Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz FPC1500 Spectrum Analyzer + Vector Analyser (VNA) :

  • Frequencies from 5 kHz to 1 GHz upgradable up to 3 GHz,
  • Integrated tracking generator,
  • Better resolution 1 Hz,
  • DANL of -150 dBm (-165 dBm with the preamplifier on),
  • Maximum input power +30dBm (1W),
  • 10.1 inch screen in WXGA (1366 × 768 pixels),
  • Start-up time of only 15 seconds,
  • Optional EMI emissions test software,
  • Wi-Fi function (optional), supported by built-in software for remote measurement and control,
  • Remote control via computer or tablet/smartphone. PC software and iOS/Android apps provided,
  • See also model FPC1000, spectrum analyzer.


Rental price given for the 3 GHz version with options B22, K42, B200, K7, K55.

Available options FPC1500 Rohde & Schwarz

CAL Standard Calibration 345 
B2 Frequency upgrade 1 GHz to 2 GHz 590 
B3 Frequency upgrade 1 GHz to 3 GHz 1 430 
B22 Préamplifier 350 
B200 Wi-Fi Connexion 290 
K7 Modulation analysis (AM, FM, ASK, FSK) 690 
K42 Vector network analysis 750 
K43 Mode Receiver 490 
K55 Advanced measurements (ACLR, Spur, TOI, spectrogramme) 490 
ELEMI-EP EMI emissions test software 3 230 

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Exceptional quality and innovation should not be synonymous with high prices.

The R&S®FPC1500 spectrum + vector network analyzer delivers unexpected performance at an incredibly low price. It was developed in Germany and designed to the same quality standards as high-end devices.

All options are upgradable by Key code in order to extend the analysis band up to 3 GHz.

Software is available for EMC pre-qualification.