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FSP40 Rohde & Schwarz

RF, Microwave Test Equipment

Spectrum Analyser 9 KHz (20 Hz in option) to 40 GHz, interfaces LAN, USB, GP-IB.

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Specifications : FSP40 Rohde & Schwarz

High -performance 21 cm TFT color display Spectrum Analyser 9KHz (20Hz in option) to 40GHz :

  • RBW resolution 1 Hz to 10 MHz,
  • EMI bandwidths and quasi-peak Detector,
  • Displayed average noise level -155 dBm (1 Hz),
  • 113 dBc (1 Hz) at 10 KHz phase noise,
  • Standard Floppy or SD Reader in option, LAN, USB, GP-IB.

Available options FSP40 Rohde & Schwarz

CAL Standard Calibration 845 
SD Change Floppy for SD reader 445 
B3 AM/FM demodulation 445 
B4 OCXO frequency presicion 745 
B9 Internal tracking generator 9KHz to 3GHz, I/Q modulations 1 995 
B16 Interface LAN 100BT 745 
B29 Freq start 20Hz 2 450 
B10 Scalar analyser (external generator) 1 445 
B21 LO/IF for external mixeur 1 445 

Download the technical documentation FSP40 Rohde & Schwarz

You need to be connected to consult and download the documentation

Main features of the Rohde & Schwarz FSP40

The R&S fsp40 spectrum analysers are characterised by innovative measurements and a multitude of standard functions plus easily upgradable options.

The rohde & schwarz fsp40 is the ideal partner for development and production, offering good level uncertainty measurement and excellent RF characteristics. The R&S FSP40 incorporates proven technology that provides the best performance, reliability and serviceability. The fsp40 can perform fast measurements in the time domain: the minimum sweep time is 1 µs. This analyser also allows detection of quasi-peaks and EMI filters.

Highlights of the Rohde & Schwarz FSP40
  • The largest colour screen in its class,
  • Resolution bandwidth from 1 Hz to 10 MHz,
  • Frequency range from 9 KHz to 40 GHz,
  • Highly selective digital filters and FFT,
  • ACP and multi-carrier ACP measures,
  • Convenient documentation of the results as hard copy or as a file in PC-compatible formats,
  • Interfaces: GP-IB, Centronics, RS-232-C, LAN (option), USB,
  • Automatic test routines for TOI, OBW, phase noise and ACP(R) measurement,
  • Split screen with separate settings and up to 3 tracks per screen,
  • Modifiable limit lines including PASS/FAIL indication,
  • Grid scanning for measurements on TDMA signals.

Leasametric has a repair service with a considerable stock of spare parts and a metrology laboratory for the calibration of your Rohde & Schwarz fsp40 and other measuring instruments.

To learn more about the FSP40 R&D device, you can download the manual in the « technical information » tab.

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