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Rohde et Schwarz FSP40

Rohde et Schwarz FSP40

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New price Warranty 24 month 41 500 
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Clearance price Warranty 1 month 14 950 

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Device description

High -performance 21 cm TFT colour display Spectrum Analyser 9KHz (20Hz in option) to 40GHz, resolution 1Hz to 10MHz, EMI bandwidths and quasi-peak Detector, Displayed average noise level -155 dBm (1Hz), –113 dBc (1Hz) at 10KHz phase noise, Standard Floppy or SD Reader in option, GP-IB.

Available options for this device

CAL Standard Calibration 745 
SD Change the Floppy for a SD Reader 445 
B3 AM/FM Audio Demodulator 445 
B4 OCXO Reference Frequency 745 
B9 Internal Tracking Generator 9kHz to 3GHz, I/Q modulator 1 995 
B16 LAN Interface 100BT 745 
B29 Frequency Range Extension 20Hz 1 445 
B10 External Generator Control (for scalar analyser) 1 445 
B21 LO/IF Ports for External Mixers 1 445 

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