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ETH.18 Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum analyzer

Spectrum Analysers

The ETH18 is a handheld TV Analyzer, from 4,5MHz to 8GHz, DVB-T/DVB-H analysis (R&S ETH-K140 option), RF preselection (K1 option), 100KHz to 3,6GHz Spectrum analysis, 100 Hz to 8 MHz in 1, 3 sequence resolution Bandwidths, GPS receiver, Remote Control via LAN or USB (K40 option).

The ETH18 is available for rental, purchase or refurbished by Leasametric.

RENTAL 313  /week*
New price Warranty 36 month 13 450 
ReNEWed® price Warranty 12 month 8 950 

Specifications : ETH.18 Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum analyzer

Rohde & Schwarz ETH.18 Analyzer

  • Spectrum analyzer for digital television DVB-T, BVB-H & ISDB-T,
  • Spectrum analysis frequency band 100 KHz to 8 GHz,
  • Tracking generator -40 to 0 dBm,
  • Resolution 100 Hz to 3 MHz,
  • Measurement level -76 dBm to +10 dBm,
  • Phase noise < to 125 dBc (1 Hz) @ Δf 1 MHz,
  • Typical noise floor. -165 dBm (1 Hz) with preamplifier on,
  • Power measurements + forward and reflected power with an optional Power Sensor (see FSH-Z1, Z18, Z14, Z44 series),
  • Transmission / reflection measurements 30 MHz to 6 GHz (optional FSH-Z3 bridge),
  • Field strength measurements with isotropic antenna (option),
  • Vector analysis,
  • Constellation diagram,
  • GPS receiver (option),
  • Lithium-ion battery with 4,5H autonomy, operation assured from 0 to 50°C,
  • High definition color screen 6.5 inches,
  • Storage memory on SD card or USB drive,
  • Control via LAN and USB port,
  • Weight 3,3 Kg (6,6 Lbs).

The clearance price is given without options.

Available options ETH.18 Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum analyzer

CAL Standard Calibration 495 
K140 Option DVB-T/H 5 665 
K1 Présélection 3,6 GHz 1 303 
Z3 Ponte de transmission / réflexion 10 MHz à 6 GHz avec DC-Bias 4 657 
B1 Distance to fault 1 144 
Z230 Câble 1 M DC 18 GHz N (m), N (f) 250 
Z2803 Open / Short / Load DC à 18 GHz 985 

Download the technical documentation ETH.18 Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum analyzer

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The Rohde & Schwarz ETH Analyzer at a glance: 

The Munich-based Rohde & Schwarz Technology Group develops, produces and markets a wide range of electronic equipment for customers in industry, with a focus on solutions that help make the world safer and more connected. The company was founded over 85 years ago by two university friends, Dr. Lothar Rohde and Dr. Hermann Schwarz.

The R&S ETH portable TV analyzer remains true to the spirit of the company and is based on the very popular FSH, which has sold thousands of units. The ETH was developed especially for coverage measurements as well as for service and maintenance work on DVB-T, DVB-H and ISDB-T networks.

The universal capabilities of the R&S ETH analyzer make it useful in the repair and development of digital TV and telecommunications networks. It can also be used to check cables and antennas and make power measurements. It is also a vector network analyzer (option).

Leasametric offers for sale reNEWed® and for rent these ETH analyzers. Moreover the state of the art ISO 9001 certified laboratory of Leasametric is well equipped to calibrate these analyzers.

To learn more about Rohde & Schwarz ETH analyzers, download the brochure in PDF format.

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