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XR1500-1,3 Magna Power

DC Power Supplies

1500 Volts high voltage power supply.

RENTAL 113  /week*
New price Warranty 24 month 3 435 

Specifications : XR1500-1,3 Magna Power

1500 Volts high voltage power supply.


  • Tension: 1500V.
  • Current: 1.3 A.
  • Power: 2 kW.
  • Insulated analog steering interface and RS232 as standard.
  • Fast output variation speed (option /HS).
  • Optional digital interfaces: GPIB/LXI/USB/RS485.
  • Multi-power interface (option /UID).
  • Solar panel simulation software (option /PPPE).

Available options XR1500-1,3 Magna Power

CAL Standard Calibration 195 
XR GP-IB GP-IB steering interface 683 
XR LXi Interface LXi 453 
XR PPPE Solar panel simulation software 568 

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