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M301 Rigol Data acquisition


Acquisition unit Rigol M301  for up to 320 channels, 6 1/2 digit multimeter.

RENTAL 49  /week*
New price Warranty 36 month 1 295 

Specifications : M301 Rigol Data acquisition

Summary of the characteristics of the RIGOL M301 : 

  • Possibility to integrate up to 5 acquisition modules to go up to 320 channels,
  • 4.3-inch multifunction graphic display,
  • Integrated multimeter 2 200 000 points,
  • Storage memory 100 k,
  • Mathematical functions: mean, max, min and standard deviation,
  • Standard communication ports: 2 x USB, LAN, GP-IB, RS-232
    Can be controlled according to SCPI standards,
  • Bandwidth 300 kHz in voltage 10 kHz in current,
  • Measurement of frequency and period, thermocouple temperature and PT100.Possibilité d’intégrer jusqu’à 5 modules d’acquisition pour aller jusqu’à 320 voies.

Available options M301 Rigol Data acquisition

CAL Standard calibration of the control unit only 124 
CAL Standard calibration of the M302 version (with MC3065 + MC3120) 344 
MC3120 20 channel multiplexer card, 2- or 4-wire armature relay 329 
M3TB20 Terminal block for MC3120 board 70 
MC3132 32-channel multiplexer card, 2- or 4-wire armature relay 370 
M3TB32 Terminal block for MC3132 board 70 
MC3164 64-channel multiplexer common ground 419 
M3TB64 Terminal block for MC3164 board 70 
MC3324 Mixed multiplexer 20 channels voltages + 4 channels currents 489 
M3TB24 Terminal block for MC3324 board 70 
MC3416 16-channel actuator (open or closed relays) 359 
M3TB16 Terminal block for MC3416 board 70 
MC3534 Multifunction module 549 
M3TB34 Terminal block for MC3534 board 60 
MC3648 Matrix 4 x 8 2-wire 508 
M3TB48 Terminal block for MC3648 board 70 
MC3534 6 1/2 digit multimeter card 549 
RM-1-M300 19-inch rack 249 

Download the technical documentation M301 Rigol Data acquisition

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About the RIGOL M301 acquisition centre :

The RIGOL M301 data acquisition unit has 5 slots to accept various combinations of modules, including a 6.5-digit multimeter module, several multiplexers, an actuator, a switching matrix module and many others (a total of 8 different modules).

Thanks to its modular structure, the RIGOL M301 datalogger combines precision measurement capability with flexible signal connections and can provide a versatile solution for applications that require multiple points or signals to be tested. The RIGOL M301 datalogger is ideal for industrial applications, particularly in the testing of new products during the R&D or production phases.

This M301 datalogger is very powerful thanks to its large 4.3″ TFT colour screen and its ergonomic and easy to use interface. This datalogger can be controlled via RS-232, USB, LAN and GP-IB as standard.

Reference M300 also has 5 available slots, but is only made for a switching application, reference M301 includes the MC3065 multimeter and reference M302 includes the MC3065 multimeter associated with an MC3120 multiplexer board.

Leasametric offers these RIGOL M301 RIGOL M301s for sale, new or rental. The rental price is given as an indication for the M302 pack including the MC3065 multimeter associated with an MC3120 multiplexer card. Other configurations are available.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified metrology laboratory, Leasametric offers a calibration service on the control unit but also on all cards.

To find out more about the RIGOL control unit and the associated cards, download the brochure in PDF format.

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