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8648D Keysight / Agilent Compact Synthetised Generator

RF Signal Sources

The 8648D Keysight Agilent is a compact Synthetised Generator 9KHz to 4GHz, Input – 136 to +13dBm, AM/FM/PHASE/PULSE Modulations, GP-IB.

Find the 8648D Keysight Agilent for rental, purchase or refurbished by Leasametric.

RENTAL 187  /week*
New price Warranty 12 month 10 980 
ReNEWed® price Warranty 6 month 3 950 

Specifications : 8648D Keysight / Agilent Compact Synthetised Generator

Compact synthesised generator, 9 KHz to 4 GHz, output -136 to +13 dBm (+20 dBm at 1 GHz with option 1EA), optional AM/FM/PHASE and PULSE modulations, GP-IB

Available options 8648D Keysight / Agilent Compact Synthetised Generator

CAL Standard calibration 375 
1E5 High Stability 490 
1EA High Power (+20 dBm to 1GHz) 995 
1E6 Pulse modulations 1 295 
1E2 Variable modulation generator 895 

Download the technical documentation 8648D Keysight / Agilent Compact Synthetised Generator

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About the Hewlett Packard (Agilent/Keysight) 8647A, 8648A/B/C/D line :

Produced under the Hewlett Packard and then Agilent brand, the HP 8647A and 8648A/B/C/D series of synthesized signal generators offer solid performance and reliability at an affordable price. In a compact package, these signal generators provide the functionality and performance needed for semi-automated receiver testing and for use in a variety of general-purpose applications over a frequency range of 9 kHz to 4000 MHz.

Due to their performance, ease of use, and ruggedness, these generators have been widely used around the world for many years.

These RF signal generators Hewlett Packard (Agilent now Keysight) 8647A, 8648A/B/C/D are still very much in demand on the second hand or rental market for their quality, their simplicity of use, their robustness. Leasametric continues to sell them, calibrate them in its ISO 9001 certified laboratory and has a huge stock of spare parts to ensure technical support for many years.

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