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8563E Keysight / Agilent

RF, Microwave Test Equipment

High performances Spectrum Analyser 30 Hz to 26,5 GHz, HP-IB.

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Specifications : 8563E Keysight / Agilent

Agilent 8563E, High performances Spectrum Analyser 9 KHz (30 Hz in option) to 26,5 GHz :

  • 325 GHz Frequency with external Mixer,
  • Resolution max 1 Hz,
  • Low Phase noise level,
  • AM/FM Demodulation,
  • +30dB max input Power,
  • Displayed Average Noise Level : to -145dBm,
  • HP-IB,
  • New ! Color LCD available in option.

Available options 8563E Keysight / Agilent

CAL Standard Calibration 645 
006 Start at 30Hz 1 245 
007 Digitized Fast Time-Domain Sweeps 995 
85620A Mass Memory Module 490 
LCD Color TFT display 795 

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The 8560 series (Hewlett Packard, Agilent, Keysight) enjoyed incredible worldwide success for several decades and still today. Available in several versions, first HP8560A, then Agilent 8560E and finally in the Keysight 8560EC version with a high definition color screen (upgradable by LEASAMETRIC on the A & E versions).

The frequency range depending on the models extends from 30Hz to 50 GHz and even 325 GHz with an external mixer.

This series of spectrum analyzers offers excellent performance with very low noise floors, very low phase noise, very high display speed, an admissible input power of 30 dBm. They are all controllable in GP-IB and compatible with the Keysight 82357B GP-IB USB interface. For more information, see the datasheet.

The 8560 series is an excellent choice for customers looking for very good performance at a very attractive cost.

LEASAMETRIC continues to sell these devices under the reNEWed® label with maximum guarantees and impeccable technical support thanks to its stock of spare parts and ISO9001-certified laboratory.