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IT6412 Itech Bipolar power supplies

DC Power Supplies

The IT6412 is a bipolar power supply for testing the charge and discharge of batteries.

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Specifications : IT6412 Itech Bipolar power supplies


  • Bipolar power supply, dual channel and 2 ranges,
  • Channel 1 high range: +/- 15 V, +/- 3 A, low range: +/-9 V, +/- 5 A,
  • Channel 2 high range: 0- 15 V, +/- 3 A, low range: 0-9 V, +/- 5,
  • Maximum power 45 Watts
  • Excellent accuracy (0.02%), resolution (1 mV / 0.1 mA) and stability (0.01%)
  • Low ripple and noise – 1 mVrms
  • Ultra fast transient response time <50µS
  • Rise time at full load up to 500 µS
  • Battery simulation function (simultaneous charge/discharge on each channel)
  • Variable output impedance from 0 ~ 1 Ω,
  • Oscilloscope function (waveform display),
  • Built-in high-accuracy multimeter function (1 mVolt resolution)
  • Dual display on high performance LCD screen
  • Standard communication interface LAN, GP-IB and USB

Available options IT6412 Itech Bipolar power supplies

CAL Standard Calibration 235 

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Bipolar Power Supply 45W – IT6412 ITECH.

The IT6412 bipolar power supply has the functionality of a DC power supply and a 2 channel DC electronic load to test 2 batteries simultaneously.

The battery simulation function is particularly useful for the development and production testing of portable battery-powered products. The IT6400 series power supplies have an ultra-fast transient time (less than 20 µs) and resolution down to 1 nA. The speed change mode allows a rise time of up to 150 µs. The IT6400 series power supplies can be used for testing portable products on batteries, connected object batteries, portable batteries, LED testing and many other areas.

Leasametric offers these bipolar power supplies for sale but also for rent.

Moreover, thanks to its ISO 9001 certified laboratory, Leasametric offers a calibration service.

Download the brochure in PDF format to have more information on the Itech IT6412 bipolar power supply.

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