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GL100-WL Graphtec

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The GL100-WL PetitLOGGER from Graphtec is a stand-alone logger with up to 4 measurement channels.

Find the GL100 Graphtec in rental, purchase or refurbished by Leasametric.

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Specifications : GL100-WL Graphtec

GL100 Graphtec

  • 4 channel recorder,
  • Chassis with display, USB 2.0, Wireless network,
  • Acquisition type: Voltage/Thermocouples/Humidity/Acceleration/Thermistance/Current/CO2/UV,
  • RAM memory approx. 4.9 MB.

The rental price is given as an indication for a 4 channel voltage / temperature version. Other configurations NC.


Available options GL100-WL Graphtec

CAL Standard Calibration 4-Ch Voltage / Temperature 195 
GS-TH Temperature/Humidity sensor -20 to +85°C, humidity 0 to 100% 110 
GS-3AT Acceleration/Temperature sensor up to 10G, temperature -10 to +85°C 285 
GS-4VT 4-Ch Voltage/Temperature adapter 20mV to 50V, K/T thermocouple 320 
GS-4TSR 4-Ch adapter Thermistor -40 to +120°C 260 
GS-103AT-4P Thermistor sensor normal type 3m, 4 pieces, -40 to +105°C 110 
GS-103JT-4P Normal type thermistor sensor 3m, 4 pieces, -40 to +120°C 110 
GS-LXUV Illuminance/UV sensor 350 
GS-CO2 CO2 sensor (up to 9999 ppm) 505 
GS-AC50A AC current sensor (50A), for GS-DPA-AC module 110 
GS-AC100A AC current sensor (100A), for GS-DPA-AC module 110 
GS-AC200A AC current sensor (200A), for GS-DPA-AC module 110 
GS-DPA-AC AC current sensor adapter, for connecting two sensors 275 
GS-DPA Double input adapter, to connect two sensors 145 
GS-EXC Extension cable, 1.5m long 65 
USB - AC USB adapter – 220VAC mains 25 
M-SD 16 Go 16 GB micro SD card 25 

Download the technical documentation GL100-WL Graphtec

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About the GL100-WL Compact Data Logger “Petit Logger” :

The Graphtec brand is well known for its reliable and easy to use stand-alone recorders.

The Graphtec GL100-WL PetitLOGGER is a stand-alone recorder with up to 4 measurement channels. Different inputs are available depending on the sensor or the adapter used: Voltage/Thermocouples/Humidity/Acceleration/Current/CO2/UV. RAM memory approx. 4.9 MB. USB 2.0, Wireless network for the GL100-WL model.

Leasametric offers this PetiLOGER GL100 for sale and rental. Moreover thanks to its ISO 9001 certified laboratory Leasametric can calibrate this instrument.

If you want to know more about the Graphtec’s PetitLOGGER GL100 and all its accessories, download the brochure in PDF format.