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FSM-90S Fujikura optic welder


The FSM-90S Fujikura optic welder is precise and easy to use. It is available for purchase, rental or reconditioned by Leasametric.

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Specifications : FSM-90S Fujikura optic welder

Fujikura FSM-90S

High-performance optical welder

  • TFT touchscreen,
  • 7 seconds of welding time,
  • Li-Ion battery capable of performing 300 welding cycles,
  • upgradable via the internet,
  • Multi-function case.
  • The pack includes the suitcase, accessories and cliveuse.

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Available options FSM-90S Fujikura optic welder

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Download the technical documentation FSM-90S Fujikura optic welder

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Main features of the FSM-90S fibre optic welding machine

Model 90S is a fibre optic core-to-core welder. It has many new features that have been improved to make it more efficient, faster and more accurate.  For example, it has a welding time of 7 seconds, a TFT touch screen and a Li-Ion battery capable of 300 welding cycles.

The 90s Fujikura ensures exact alignment of the fibre core, regardless of the eccentricity of the core to the optical sheath thanks to its extremely rigorous lens.

The FSM 90s is an optical splicer that is perfect for connections in the industrial and telecom sectors.

The package includes the case, accessories and clipper.

Highlights of the FSM 90S optical welding machine

  • Faster automation: Thanks to automated functions, the technician does not need to touch the 90S to complete the entire process. He can do this by moving only the fibre. In addition, after welding when the fiber holders open automatically, the welded fibres are held so that they do not escape and the holder releases the fiber when the technician lifts it.
  • Ease of use: The presence of 60mm sleeves optimizes the design of the fiber It is therefore easy to place the sleeve in the center of the weld using your finger as a reference point.
  • The FSM 90s’ fibre supports are compatible with both loose and tight structures.
  • The FSM 90S and the CT50 clipper have an automatic blade rotation when the blade position is worn.

Leasametric also has a repair service and a metrology laboratory for the calibration of your FSM 90S fibre optic welding machines and other measuring devices.

To learn more about the FSM 90S Fujikura, you can download the manual in the “technical information” tab.

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