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VERSIV DSX-8000 Fluke

Cable - Link Testers

DSX 8000 fluke cable tester CAT8, fiber loss, OTDR test, Wi-Fi analysis. (..) Contact us and get the best price. The Fluke dsx 8000 is available for rental, purchase or refurbished by Leasametric.

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Specifications : VERSIV DSX-8000 Fluke

Fluke DSX-8000 Versiv :

  • The modular design of Versiv™ supports copper certification, optical fibre attenuation, optical reflectometry testing and inspection of fibre ends,
  • Unbeatable speed for Cat 6A, 8 Class FA. I/II,
  • The Taptive™ user interface simplifies configuration and eliminates errors,
  • Analyse test results and create professional test reports using the management software LinkWare™,
  • Graphically displays the source of failures, including crosstalk, return loss and protection errors for faster troubleshooting,
  • Approved by cabling suppliers worldwide,
  • Built-in exogenous crosstalk test capability,
  • Compatible with Linkware™ Live. Linkware Live makes it easy to track the progress of tasks, access test results in real time to solve problems in the field, and quickly and easily transfer and consolidate test results from the tester to the PC-based cable test management software LinkWare™,
  • Compatible with ANSI/TIA-1152-A Level 2G standard and with the accuracy requirements of the Level VI field tester of the proposed IEC standard 61935-1 Ed. 5 at 2000 MHz,
    Supports the full suite of resistive unbalance standards required for Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology – IEEE 802.3bt. ANSI/TIA/EIA-568. ISO/IEC 11801 series of documents,
  • TCL and ELTCTL measurements are compatible with IEC 61935-1-1,
  • Continuity of the shielding along the wiring path,
  • The eight-second Category 6A test helps to achieve certification as quickly as possible,
  • Displays the source of faults graphically, including crosstalk and shielding distance errors for faster troubleshooting,
  • Manage up to 12,000 Category 6A test results with comprehensive graphs,
  • The capacitive touch screen allows faster configuration of testers. with cable types. standards and test parameters that are easy to select,
  • More than 1 billion links reported on LinkWare PC management software.


Available options VERSIV DSX-8000 Fluke

CAL Audit finding 845 
OFP-QUAD OTDR 850/1300/1310/1550 optical module 9 995 

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About the DSX-8000 Fluke Versiv Cable Tester :

The Fluke DSX-8000 Versiv tests and certifies twisted pair cabling for deployments up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet.
It supports all cabling systems from Category 3 to 6A and 8 or Class C to FA/I/II, CAT 7A, Class FA, via optional TERA adapter set, CAT 8, Class I/ II, via optional adapter set.

The Fluke DSX-8000 Versiv graphically displays the source of faults, including crosstalk and protective distance errors, for fast troubleshooting.

The Fluke DSX-8000 Versiv is compatible with ANSI/TIA-1152-A Level 2G and the accuracy requirements of the proposed IEC 61935-1 Ed. 5 to 2000 MHz Level VI field tester – Approved by Intertek and Panduit.

The Fluke DSX-8000 Versiv supports the full suite of resistive unbalance standards required for Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology – IEEE 802.3bt, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568, ISO/IEC 11801 series of documents, IEC 61935-1-1 compatible TCL and ELTCTL measurements, shield continuity along the cable path.

This product has a wide range of accessories and configurations. Consult us to define your needs (interfaces, GOLD contract, fibre optic modules, CAT 7A, CAT 8, etc.).

For more information, you can download the brochure in PDF format.