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5500A/SC600 Fluke calibrator for multimeter and oscilloscope.


Fluke 5500A sc600 calibrator for multimeter and oscilloscope.

Find the Fluke 5500A sc600 for rental, purchase or refurbished by Leasametric.

RENTAL 738  /week*
New price Warranty 12 month 34 500 
ReNEWed® price Warranty 6 month 19 950 

Specifications : 5500A/SC600 Fluke calibrator for multimeter and oscilloscope.

Multimeter, thermocouple and oscilloscope calibrator:

  • Tension DC 0 to 1020V, AC 1mV to 1020V 10Hz to 500 KHz,
  • Intensity DC 0 to -11A,
  • Intensity AC 33 A to 11A,
  • Resistances 0 to 3,29999 M, ± 0.009%,
  • Capacity 330 pF to 1.1 mF,
  • Source of thermocouples from -250 to 2,316 degrees Celsius (11 types),
  • 600 MHz oscilloscope calibrator,
  • Stability about 25 ppm long term,
  • GP-IB programming,
  • Weight 20Kg, consumption 300 VA.

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Available options 5500A/SC600 Fluke calibrator for multimeter and oscilloscope.

CAL Standard calibration 1 645 
EXTRACAL ISO17025 Calibration 2 950 

Download the technical documentation 5500A/SC600 Fluke calibrator for multimeter and oscilloscope.

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About the Fluke 5500A serie calibrators :

For decades, Fluke has been the benchmark for calibrators in metrology laboratories.

The Fluke 5500A Multifunction Electrical Calibrator calibrates a wide range of equipment. Equipped with oscilloscope options it also offers the possibility to calibrate oscilloscopes up to 600 MHz.

The Fluke 5500A calibrator is a reliable, robust and accurate device. It is easily transportable for on-site calibration campaigns. Measurements can be automated to improve production with MetCall® software.

The Fluke 5500A calibrator generates DC and AC voltages and currents with high accuracy. It can be used to calibrate resistors, capacitors, thermocouples, and oscilloscopes. It can measure thermocouple temperature and pressure.

Leasametric is familiar with Fluke calibrators because our ISO 9001 certified laboratory is equipped with them.

Leasametric offers innovative solutions, whether for rental or sale, reconditioned and guaranteed, with for example the return of your old models to save a lot of money.

Leasametric, thanks to its huge stock of spare parts, can ensure the maintenance of these devices.

Download the brochure in PDF format to learn more about the Fluke 5500A calibrators.

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