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DAS1700/P2 Sefram

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DAS1700, high speed, configurable data acquisition system, Up to 72 channels.

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Specifications : DAS1700/P2 Sefram

  • Maximum sampling rate of 1 MSa/s (1 μs) on 36 channels simultaneously,
  • Up to 72 channels (with multiplexed board), P2 model is a 18 ch recorder.
  • 4 measurement board types; Universal, Multiplexed, Strain Gauge, High Voltage,
  • Measure up to 1000 VAC with the high voltage board,
  • Temperature measurements supporting thermocouples and Pt100/Pt200/Pt500/Pt1000 sensors,
  • CAN, LIN options,
  • GPS and IRIG timing options,
  • 16 bit resolution with multiplexed and strain gauge boards,
  • 14 bit resolution with universal and high voltage boards,
  • 500 GB SSD internal memory (2 TB optional),
  • 16 logic input channels,
  • CAT III 1000 V and CAT IV 600 V,
  • WiFi monitoring and control (option 902402000),
  • Wide TFT display with 15.6 inch touchscreen,
  • USB host ports and LAN interface,
  • Battery option (up to 2 hours),
  • Free software for control and analysis.

Available options DAS1700/P2 Sefram

CAL Standard Calibration 395 

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The DAS1700 high speed, configurable data acquisition system combines a fast sampling rate, deep memory, and a large touch screen display.
The system also includes built-in software tools for power analysis and a mathematical function editor for performing calculations between multiple channels. This recorder supports two acquisition modes, File mode and Memory mode.
File mode is suitable for acquiring data over long periods, during which the instrument records measurement data directly to the hard drive. Memory mode is used for capturing transient data on 36 channels simultaneously at a maximum rate of 1 MSa/s.