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S361E Anritsu cable and antenna analyzer

Cable - Link Testers

Portable cable and antenna analyzer from 2MHz to 6GHz available for rental, purchase, new or refurbished.

RENTAL 199  /week*
New price Warranty 36 month 8 950 
ReNEWed® price Warranty 12 month 6 950 

Specifications : S361E Anritsu cable and antenna analyzer

Antenna and cable tester 2 MHz to 6 GHz:

  • RL, VSWR, Cable Loss, DTF, Phase measurements,
  • 2-port Transmission (option),
  • Fast scan: 1 ms / data point, typical,
  • Stability ≤ ± 2.5 ppm @ 25 ° C,
  • Dynamic 80 dB, 95 dB, typical,
  • Bias-tee 12 V to 32 V,
  • USB interface 2,
  • 8.4 “touch screen with bright daylight,
  • Internal battery 4.5 hours autonomy.

Available options S361E Anritsu cable and antenna analyzer

CAL Standard calibration 325 
10 Bias Tee (requires option 21) 630 
19 High Precision Power Meter (Requires USB Power Sensor) 557 
21 2 transmission ports 1 405 
31 GPS receiver 455 
413 Ethernet connector 485 

Download the technical documentation S361E Anritsu cable and antenna analyzer

You need to be connected to consult and download the documentation

About the Anritsu S361E Antenna and Cable Analyzer:

The S361E enables both existing and new 3G, 4G & 5G networks to be maintained. The wireless communication market is a growing market. The Anritsu S361E allows for quick testing, simple storage of measurements in the field and instant calibration.

Benefits of the Anritsu S361E Site Master:

This portable Site Master has been designed to provide you with a device suitable for the most challenging field conditions. Simple and intuitive, it improves your productivity by identifying and correcting problems before they occur.

Using the CPRI/OBSAI option, users can view uplink and downlink signals via the CPRI/OBSAI optical link.

The S361E is compatible with the Android Smart Aligner app for generating site closure reports.

Our expert metrologists repair and calibrate your S361E in our ISO9001 certified metrology laboratory.

The Anritsu S361E Site Master Antenna and Cable Analyser is available to rent, buy new or reconditioned by us.

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