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S332D Anritsu Antenna and cable tester

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The S332D is a SiteMaster , Antenna and Cable Tester 25 to 4000MHz.

RENTAL 164  /week*
New price Warranty 12 month 8 900 
ReNEWed® price Warranty 6 month 4 245 

Specifications : S332D Anritsu Antenna and cable tester

SiteMaster , Antenna and Cable Tester 25 to 4000MHz, built_in DTF, Insertion Loss, option T/R measurement, TFT color screen, spectrum analyser from100KHz to 3GHz, PC software, RS232. GPS receiver, Power Meter, Calibration Kit in option.

Available options S332D Anritsu Antenna and cable tester

CAL Standard Calibration 345 
OSLN50-8 Calibration Kit 790 
10A Bias Tee +12 to +24V 495 
31 GPS receiver 495 
21 Transmission Measurement 995 
29 Internal Power Meter 495 
03 Color TFT Display 495 
SBAT NIMH battery pack 190 

Download the technical documentation S332D Anritsu Antenna and cable tester

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About the Anritsu S332D antenna and cable tester:

The Anritsu S332D is a high performance 2 MHz to 4 GHz antenna and cable tester + spectrum analyser (100 KHz to 3 GHz for the spectrum analyser function) available for rental and refurbished by Leasametric. This field instrument is robust, reliable and accurate, this SiteMaster series is known and recognized worldwide.

Main features of the Anritsu S332D Spectrum Analyser and Cable Tester :

The wireless communication market is a growing market and that’s why you need to test reliably, store measurements in the field and calibrate quickly.

The Site Master handheld cable and antenna analyser, model S332D, covers the spectrum from 25 MHz to 4000 MHz for the cable and antenna tester function and 100 KHz to 3 GHz for the spectrum analyser function. It is suitable for field technicians of any experience level working with VHF, broadcast, paging and cellular network applications. It can be equipped with a GPS receiver for mapping purposes.

The S332D includes precision cable loss and power measurements with the addition of power sensors. Frequency domain reflectometry provides distance analysis for accurate fault location.

The Site Master S332D is 3 devices in one that significantly improves your productivity.

Leasametric also has an ISO 9001 certified repair service and metrology laboratory for the calibration of your Site Master S332D cable and antenna analyser and other measuring devices.

Leasametric also provides all the necessary accessories for field testing such as adapters, cable straps, calibration kits, hard cases, spare batteries.

To learn more about the Anritsu S332D, you can download the manual in the “technical information” tab.

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