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MG3694B Anritsu Synthesized generator

RF Signal Sources

2 GHz (10 MHz optional) to 40 GHz synthesized generator, AM/FM/phase modulations, fast pulses, GP-IB.

RENTAL 713  /week*
New price Warranty 24 month 34 500 
ReNEWed® price Warranty 12 month 22 500 

Specifications : MG3694B Anritsu Synthesized generator

2 GHz (10 MHz optional) synthesised generator at 40 GHz, phase noise -110 dBc/Hz (@1 kHz offset @10 GHz), output level +19 dBm @ 40 GHz, AM/FM/phase modulations, fast pulses, GP-IB.

Available options MG3694B Anritsu Synthesized generator

CAL Standard Calibration 695 
04 10MHz RF Coverage, with DDC 2 450 
22 Audio Frequency coverage 445 
28B Full Modulation Suite (opt 12,14,26B,27) 1 995 

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About the Anritsu MG3690B series:

Highly regarded for their performance and reliability, the Anritsu MG3690B series consists of 6 versions of RF & Hyper generators for a frequency band ranging from 0.1 Hz to 325 GHz depending on the model.

These Anritsu synthesised generators can be equipped with several options to meet all RF and microwave applications. They have very low phase noise, high spectral purity, frequency resolution of 0.1 Hz, all modulations up to radar applications.

These generators are no longer sold as new, but LEASAMETRIC offers them as reNEWed® in near-new condition and with a solid guarantee over time thanks to a huge stock of spare parts. Excellent value for money, it is a wise choice to meet your applications by spending much less than a new device which will not bring anything more.

Download the brochure in PDF format to choose from all the models in the range and contact us for a personalised quote.

If your MG3694B generator has broken down, we may have the solution to repair and calibrate it.

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